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Learning Agreement Ukf

1. For contracts to accompany studies (same form for KA103 and KA107): 2. Apprenticeship contracts for work placements (KA103 only): – Your coordinator should provide the data recorded in the corresponding interinstitutional agreement (stream, host faculty and department, interlocutors at the CU) It is no longer necessary to comply with the directives annexed to the apprenticeship contracts when exchanging documents. In this case, higher education institutions could provide the guidelines on their website, where they would be easily accessible to their students and staff. Prior to the start of staff or student mobility, the HeI must ensure that each student or collaborator has signed a mobility grant agreement with their home country, which formally accepts the scholarship and acknowledges the obligations arising from its acceptance. The European Commission has confirmed that all current interinstitutional agreements signed between higher education institutions for the mobility of students and staff under Key Action 103 and Key Action 107 are valid until the end of these projects. These include projects funded under the 2020 call. The Learning Agreement is an agreement between you, your department and your host university on the curriculum you will follow at the host school. All Erasmus+ mobility between institutions in the Programme countries must take place within the framework of an interinstitutional agreement (108 KB) between bodies which should all have a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), except in the case of an internship at an institution. The interinstitutional agreement may include cooperation between several institutions. For student and staff mobility with partner countries, host countries are not required to have levels, so the principles of the ECHE are included in the Interinstitutional Partners Agreement (95 KB). We recommend that you put your project results online, regardless of the key action under which your projects will be funded in order to disseminate your successes.

Please note, however, that it is mandatory for Key Action 2 projects to upload your project results as indicated in your grant agreement. 1. Fill in all the data in the required form (p.. B e.g. data: TT/MM/YYYY) – Fields marked * are mandatory Based on a survey of UK universities and selected case studies, the Higher Education Outward Credit Credit Transfer and Recognition Report (5.9 Mb) aims to help UK higher education institutions improve their imputation and recognition processes. . . .

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