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Japan Fta Agreements

(1) Three points of conformity with the WTO Agreements should be examined. First, tariffs and other trade regimes should not be higher or more restrictive than tariffs and other corresponding trade arrangements prior to the conclusion of the free trade agreement. Second, they must eliminate tariffs and other trade-restrictive rules on most of all trade. Thirdly, they must ensure that the RTAs are completed within ten years, at least in principle. The reference to «essentially all trade» implies that countries must achieve a level of liberalization favorable to international standards in terms of trade volume (based on the figures provided, the NAFTA average is 99%, while the average of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the EU is 97%). From a strategic perspective, the agreement is an important step towards joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership and placing Britain at the heart of a network of modern free trade agreements with like-minded friends and allies. (2) The political and diplomatic advantages of free trade agreements strengthen Japan`s bargaining power in WTO negotiations and the results of free trade negotiations could influence and accelerate WTO negotiations. Deepening economic interdependence creates a sense of political trust among the countries party to these agreements and expands Japan`s global diplomatic influence and interests. (1) Comprehensiveness, flexibility, selectivity Currently, one option would be to base future agreements on our Economic Partnership Agreement with Singapore, but we should maintain flexibility and consider the possibility of a «Singapore plus» or «Singapore minus» approach.

It may be possible to agree in advance on certain areas (such as investment and services) or to conclude an Economic Partnership Agreement limited to such areas. (1) In view of the progress of economic globalisation, it is important to maintain and strengthen the free trade system. While the World Trade Organization continues to play an important role in these efforts, free trade agreements (FTAs) are a means of strengthening partnerships in areas not covered by the WTO and achieving liberalization that goes beyond the level achievable under the WTO. . . .

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