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Non Disclosure Agreement Deutsch Vorlage

The confidentiality agreement is also known as non-disclosure-agreement (NDA), confidentiality agreement, confidentiality statement, confidentiality agreement and confidentiality agreement. As «NDA» is the abbreviation for an English term, it is difficult to answer the question of the correct German article. Other names of the document: confidentiality agreement, declaration of confidentiality, confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement German A contractual penalty is in principle allowed, unless it is disproportionate to the offence committed, in accordance with Article 307, paragraph 1, of the BGB. The contractor is not bound by the penalty, but remains bound to secrecy. This agreement will enter into force after signing and will end….. years after the exchange of information for the aforementioned purposes has ended. This duty of confidentiality continues to apply if the proposed cooperation contract (Article 1, paragraph 1, is not in progress or is not terminated), unless the evolution is now evident, bringing the burden of proof to the person concerned. (2) No confidential information is such information, in the case of the unilateral NOA, only one party is required to remain silent. This variant is particularly used in the founding scene. Service occupations have a special position with respect to the NDA. Here, confidential information is the corridor and data and is processed discreetly.

This includes, for example, medical care, a physiotherapy or psychotherapist service, as well as legal advice. Sensitive data is normally kept secret. Therefore, an NDA in these areas is practically a no-brainer. However, these and other models should never be used as an inspiration and should never be used 1:1. Although the formulations appear good in the models, they are far too general and offer many gaps that your contractual partners can exploit. The non-disclosure agreement is, in the eyes of many founders, a useful business. However, it is a means of legal pressure rather than a protective mechanism. In principle, an NDA is signed by two parties: particularly in the pre-foundation phase, certain business ideas or trade secrets may be revealed to its trading partners, cooperation partners, potential investors or collaborators, for example before the start of the exchange of information or in the context of contractual negotiations. The confidentiality agreement is used to keep confidential information that should not be made public. Too much discourages many trading partners and is interpreted as a sign of great distrust.

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