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Master Treasury Services Agreement

To the extent that the conditions of this Section II conflict with the conditions of Section XVII, the general conditions of Section XVII are controlled. This Section II does not regulate transfers made through the ACH system within the United States, in accordance with the rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), as these rules may be amended from time to time and are governed by Section V of this agreement. Some of the above services may not be available for certain accounts, or when you accessed the online investment bank via a mobile device. S. NON-WAIVER: The Bank`s renouncement of any violation or non-application at any time of any of the conditions of this Agreement affects, limits or renounces what the Bank does not affect in any way, limits or renounces the Bank`s right to apply strict compliance with all the conditions of this Agreement. The client may be liable to the Bank in certain loan contracts and related instruments (the «credit documents»). Conflicts, if any, between the provisions of the loan file and the provisions of this agreement are resolved in favour of the loan documents. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section IV.C: (a) the provisions of the account terms made by the client in relation to the scanning account prevail over the provisions of this section IV.C and the client`s obligations and the bank`s rights under these account terms prevail over all of the client`s rights or the bank`s obligations with respect to the sweep account; and (b) the provisions of the credit contracts (loan contracts, loan contracts, guarantee contracts or other agreements) relating to the credit account prevail over the provisions of this section IV.C and the client`s obligations and the bank`s rights arising from the credit contracts are given priority over all the client`s rights or the bank`s obligations with respect to the credit account. A. SERVICES: These terms of service govern the agreement between the bank and the customer regarding the receipt, processing and declaration of transfers to the customer, as defined below.

The customer understands and recognizes that the bank may occasionally use the services of a third-party lock-box service provider («contractors»). In this case, the client agrees to execute any additional documents that are reasonably requested by the bank or contractor to obtain such a relationship. The bank and/or contractor agree to process all transfers addressed to the customer to the lockbox and the address indicated on the bank or contractor`s lock-box form (the «installation form»). Whenever used, the terms «transfer» include cash, cheques, bank projects and any other form of payment acceptable to the customer and the bank, as shown on the installation forms; and (ii) «transfer account» and includes the customer`s deposit account on the installation form. The customer authorizes the bank and the contractor to have full access to the Lockbox to fulfill their obligations under these Terms of Use. Ff. FINANCIAL ACCOMODATION: The client acknowledges that this agreement is a contract for the provision of «financial housing» as defined by the Federal Insolvency Act, and that, therefore, neither the client nor the trustee in bankruptcy (including the client if he is in possession as a debtor) have the opportunity to accept or refuse this agreement as a contract of execution. D. AUTHORIZATIONEN: Before the first debit or credit entry by the customer into a customer`s account, the customer receives a correct authorization in accordance with the applicable rules and law.

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