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Unifor Aeroplan Collective Agreement

Unifor Local 2002 receives applications for aeroplan Vancouver- EAP Representative. This position is a negotiating position in the collective agreement between Unifor Local 2002 and Aeroplan. The EAP program provides professional assistance to employees seeking assistance to address challenges they may face. On behalf of the Negotiations Committee, we would like to thank the members for their support during the negotiation phase and for the ratification of this agreement. Detailed information on eligibility and scholarship application Message from the Unifor Local 2002 Elections Committee Dear Unifor Local 2002 Members, No one could have foreseen the devastating impact that COVID-19 would have on the global aviation industry, let alone our daily lives. For many of us, the continuing economic impact near us has affected our jobs and our families. Many of our members are in a state of redundancy, while several units are completely closed in our restaurant, so many of us are thinking about what the future will bring us. In other cases, the pandemic has resulted in business reductions in our workplaces, resulting in reduced working hours and wages. With the pandemic rapidly sweeping across Canada, Unifor National (Local`s governing body 2002) extended the current mandate of the Local Executive Board in 2002.

This was the right thing to do in the midst of the unfolding global crisis. Now, months later, we are still not unscathed from the pandemic. Many of our members remain unemployed, the economy is gradually recovering and COVID-19 remains a serious health threat. However, we see signs that Canada is flattening the curve and that COVID-19 cases are fading in many provinces. TRIENNIAL ELECTIONS The regular three-year election cycle is scheduled this fall for district presidents, vice-presidents and health and safety representatives. These are the elections that take place every three years. This year, we are including on the list the elections that have been postponed. We will start in August 2020 and run until the end of October 2020. The electoral plan is communicated in advance, but you will also be informed (of course) if an election is held for your district or region by email. We begin by asking you – the members – for your understanding, your patience and above all your commitment to the next election series. 2020 – ELECTRONIC VOTE Because of the covid-19 restrictions, we only do electronic votes. This means that if you are at home, at work, in isolation or on vacation, you can choose as long as you have an Internet connection and an Internet connection device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

You also have access to information about candidates that will help you make an informed voting decision. It is understandable that there will be no vote in the workplace at these next elections. We will guide you in every choice and all information, including electronic voting, will be communicated to you by your personal email. Behind the scenes, a lot of work is underway to make this election series as perfect as possible for you.

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