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Uipath Enterprise Edition License Agreement

Hello Is there a restriction for the organization to use community publishing? How many users are there? Annual turnover? It`s easy to answer this question by browsing our website and browsing the Community Edition comparison with the Enterprise Edition: Free Trial or Community Edition UiPath RPA Software Choose your UiPath Studio solution: free trial for the company or community edition for individuals or small businesses. The business plan allows you to tailor your number of licenses to your specific needs. You can buy any license for any type and contact our sales department at any time. Thank you very much @Pablito, please, to clarify my second doubt. What is the difference between Community Cloud and Enterprise Studio? Which option is the best option to select LB? (pls you`ll find the picture above) UiPath has separate instances of Cloud Orchestrator for community and corporate customers. After the upgrade to the Enterprise or Business Test Plan, all existing orchestrator services created on the free community space will be automatically migrated to enterprise Over time. While they are still engaged in free community forums, they enjoy all the benefits of the business plan with business licenses. All new Orchestrator services created after the upgrade are hosted in the paid enterprise.- License purchased by Orchestrator – Activate your studio with an Orchestrator license. Depending on the type of license you have chosen, you can perform: hello @Maneesha_de_silva, Thanks. It worked. When the robot was created, the individual license was verified. Now, after your video, I turned it off. When I opened UiPath Studio, it worked!!! Thanks to a ton!! This Directive lists unacceptable actions by customers when using software («UiPath»), designed or conceded by UiPath.

A real or attempted violation of this directive, which UiPath believes results in a credible risk of harm to UiPath or its products and services, its customers or third parties, may lead to the removal of the customer account and, if necessary, legal action against the customer. The wholesale terms that are used below but are not defined in this directive have the meaning defined in the applicable licensing agreement for the UiPath platform («agreement»). UiPath reserves the right to update this directive at any time without prior written notification to the customer. In the Document Understanding section in the Other Services tab on the Licenses page, consumer permissions (in number of pages) that can be extracted from our Machine Learning servers based on your Document Understanding license. Choose your appropriate UiPath Studio solution: free trial for business use or community publishing for individuals or small businesses. It is the customer`s responsibility to monitor and control all activities carried out via their account in relation to the UiPath platform. Customers should immediately notify UiPath if they are aware of illegal or unauthorized activities or security breaches with their accounts, including unauthorized loss, theft or disclosure, or use of a username, password or account.

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