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Datawatch Monarch License Agreement

(e) «Use» and «Authorized User.» For the purposes of this licensing agreement, «use» refers to the processing of data relating to the internal operation of the licensee and to the «authorized users» to the licensee`s licensee or staff who obtained access to the software, as well as to third-party advisors who use the software on behalf of the licensee and who have entered into confidentiality agreements with the licensee at least as protective as the provisions of this licensee. , and have agreed to comply with all the terms of this licence agreement and the order agreement. The licensee agrees that the Datawatch licensee is responsible for any use of the software by authorized users. (c) network license. When the network license is ordered as a network license, it can be installed on a network server so that it can only be used to allow the client access to the software on internal computers. Any computer that accesses the software on the network server must have a separate software license (with the exception of the user`s manager software). A license for the software should not be shared or used simultaneously on different servers. The number of processors included in the server must be equal to or less than the number of processors for which the software is allowed on that server. (f) restrictions.

The licence fees granted to the taker under this licence agreement and the order agreement are expressly conditional on the licensee complying at any time with the licence limits set out in this section 1 (f). Failure to comply with these restrictions is a reason for Datawatch to immediately and without notice terminate this license agreement and the licensee`s ordering agreement and licence fees. The licensee may not make copies of all or part of the software, except for the number of software installations corresponding to the number of licenses acquired in accordance with the ordering agreement and up to an archive and backup copy of the Software. 2. MAINTENANCE: If the licensee has acquired a maintenance contract in the ordering agreement, Datawatch provides the policyholder with the following services («maintenance»): (1) call or assist by e-mail from Monday to Friday during normal Datawatch hours, except public holidays; (2) the provision of maintenance versions of the software, as described below; and (3) reporting problems and product solutions. Maintenance is available for the current version of the software and the previous version. If the licensee`s maintenance is not complete, Datawatch undertakes to make maintenance versions, corrections, corrections, extensions, updates and new versions of the software available free of charge (with versions other than the cheapest and independently licensed), as published by Datawatch (together «Updates»). All updates and upgrades are considered part of the software for the purposes of the licensing agreement and are subject to all the same conditions as this license agreement and the ordering agreement applicable to the Software.

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