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Consortium Agreement Financial Aid

UIS students are responsible for all expenses (for example. B tuition fees, tuition fees, books) charged by the other institution (host) before payment/financial assistance from the UIS. Financial assistance from the UIS student will only be paid when the Office of Student Financial Aid receives the consortium agreement reached by all parties (but not before the approved payment dates). A student studying at another institution may enrol in an internship at the host university while receiving financial assistance from their home institution. The student must obtain the consortium agreement and obtain the authorization of his home institution. Financial Assistance and Scholarships KU Visitor Center 1502 Iowa Street Lawrence, KS 66045 785-864-4700 If the host school accepts the terms of the consortium agreement, the form will be completed, signed and returned to KU FAS. Schools are not required to enter into consortium agreements, so it is up to each institution to conclude such an agreement. Therefore, the consortium agreement will not be formally approved until the agreement and copy of the student`s schedule of the FAS host school have been received. The student cannot qualify for all kinds of rewards initially offered if he or she is not enrolled full-time with the KU. The Assistant Director will inform students of the impact on the prices offered if the consortium agreement is approved.

5. The host school must verify your registration and the cost of the term, sign the form and send the form back to the EOU financial assistance office. When a credit check is sent to KU FAS, the student is informed that it will be recovered in FAS. The student must sign a signature card before the grant cheque can be released. In some cases, a cheque may come directly from the other institution and can only be paid to the supervisory body. The cheque is applied directly to the student`s account. THE FAS may initiate a consortium contract on behalf of a ku student if one or more of the following conditions are met: if the student does not receive university assistance, the FAS verifies the university registration (we can only do so if the student is actually registered), makes available the participation fee and finalizes all additional points of the consortium agreement. In some cases, schools need the clerk`s signature on the agreement.

The deputy director of the FAS must sign and date the consortium agreement. You are responsible for paying all program fees from the other institution with financial assistance that will be reimbursed by the EOU Student Accounts Office. EOU will not pay directly to the other school. Based on the above procedures, it is important to plan enough time for all these steps. Ideally, the form to get us well before the first day of payment for the term. Make sure you plan accordingly! Call the host school in advance and ask them what procedures they have for managing consortium agreements when they are host school. Note that your help may be delayed as a unionized student. The following conditions must be met to qualify for the conclusion of a consortium contract: the FAS establishes a copy of the consortium agreement completed and signed for the FAS files, writes an email to the home school, regularly reviews the student`s registration and informs the host school of the changes made to the enrolment. It is strongly recommended that students who enter into a consortium agreement be enrolled in all courses, both at the host institution and at the UIS, prior to the start of this definition of the UIS.

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